Letter to the editor: Ted Long

Valli Geiger will be a voice for the common good and for well-being of all individuals

Sun, 10/18/2020 - 8:30pm

As residents of Rockland and Owls Head, we have an opportunity to elect someone as our State Representative who has demonstrated an enduring love and concern for this great mid-coast community.  Her name is Valli Geiger.

As a healthcare professional, Valli has practical experience working on health care reform both in Augusta and at Pen Bay.  She is committed to making healthcare accessible and affordable to everyone.  Valli also understands healthcare from the business perspective as well, having led Maine’s largest hospice organization from a $20,000/month deficit to solvency and quadrupling its size and the number of patients served.  

Valli has served for six years on Rockland’s City Council, including  one year as mayor, where she focused on creating a climate of diversity of thought and judgment, ensuring that all voices were invited to the table and were heard.  She wants all of the mid-coast citizens to succeed and to have affordable housing and a livable wage.  

Valli has been a vocal advocate to state legislators for releasing the legally mandated revenue sharing funds to Rockland to support our schools.  She is passionate about addressing the issues of climate change, particularly as it affects our coast and the fishing industries.  

Valli Geiger will be a voice for the common good and for the well-being of all individuals.  She will represent us with strong commitment and deep integrity, and we need her as our advocate in Augusta.  I urge you to cast your vote for Valli Geiger as our State Representative.

Ted Long lives in Rockland