Letter to the editor: Vicki Doudera

Valli Geiger has experience dealing with critical issues

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 10:30pm

As a longtime advocate of safe, affordable housing and as a past president and current director at Midcoast Habitat for Humanity, I am pleased to endorse Councilwoman Valli Geiger in her bid to become State Representative for District 93. Valli has many outstanding qualities that she will bring to this new role, but the one with which I am most familiar, and excited by, is her demonstrated advocacy for affordable and workforce housing for our area. 

As Rockland’s Mayor, Valli worked with city officials and Midcoast Habitat for Humanity to lay the groundwork for our new project on Philbrook Avenue, a pocket neighborhood that will be home to dozens of low-income local residents.  As a councilor, Valli led the effort to ensure foreclosed properties be considered as affordable housing options, a commonsense idea that is now city policy.

I have swung a hammer on a build day in Rockland with Valli, and her actions demonstrate that she is a committed ally in the fight to end homelessness and poverty housing in our area.  She knows that housing is a foundational need, and that affordable places to live help not just individuals here in the midcoast, but our economy as well.  As Bill Najpauer, executive director of the Mid Coast Economic Development District  said in an October 13 discussion with local Rotarians, we simply cannot grow our economy in this region without affordable housing options. Lack of suitable housing is one of the top issues facing us when it comes to economic growth.

I urge you to choose a candidate who has demonstrated experience dealing with the most critical issues facing us in the Midcoast.  Vote for Valli Geiger for State Representative.


Vicki Doudera, of Camden, is a State Representative representing District 94