Truck making ‘impossible’ turn forces temporary closure of Rockland eatery

Mon, 11/22/2021 - 1:15pm

    ROCKLAND — An eatery on Main Street in Rockland was forced to make an unexpected temporary closure this morning, Nov. 22, after the corner of the building was struck by a tractor trailer truck.

    At approximately 5:45 a.m., Atlantic Baking Company employees prepping in the kitchen area for the upcoming breakfast rush were jolted by the sound of a vehicle hitting the exterior corner of the building. By the time those employees registered what they’d just heard, and looked outside, the vehicle had continued on its way.

    Upon further investigation it was determined that a tractor trailer truck was attempting to make a right turn from Main Street onto Winter Street, “an impossible mission,” according to Rockland Police, resulting in the trailer brushing against the corner of the building. 

    As Rockland firefighters assessed the structural integrity of the building and found sawhorses to close that portion of sidewalk to pedestrians, one police officer interviewed employees while another went in search of a damaged vehicle.

    By following partial descriptions and clues provided by witnesses, the police officer was able to track down an out-of-state 2016 Freightliner Tractor, Owner - EXCELERATE 2 LLC – that was towing a 2017 Hyundai Trailer, Owner - G & P EQUIPMENT INC – to Lime Street, where it was waiting to make a delivery.

    “Due to torrential down pouring creating poor visibility, the driver had not realized he had contacted the building, backed up and continued along Main Street,” said police.

    The driver, Torrance Roberts, 48, of South Carolina, was not injured. He was wearing a seatbelt.

    The vehicle ended up with minimal damage to trailer, with paint transfer to the building.

    The building received significant structural damage, causing the business to be closed until it could be evaluated for safety, according to police.

    No injuries occurred during this incident, and no charges are pending. 

    The crash was investigated by Rockland Police Officer Izzi.

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