Letter to the editor: Vicki Doudera

Time for fresh energy and leadership in Washington

Sun, 11/01/2020 - 6:45pm
Courage, compromise, and the ability to solve problems -- these are the qualities I look for in our elected leaders, and the values I have seen demonstrated by candidate for U.S. Senate Sara Gideon.
Sara had the guts to stand up to our former Governor when he used bullying tactics, and she won't bow down to Trump should the worst case scenario happen. She's proven that she's someone who can reach across the aisle and work in a bipartisan fashion to get things done for the people of Maine.  And Sara is a problem solver, and one who listens -- really listens -- to the concerns of those she serves.  She will be a champion for healthcare, climate action, economic recovery, education, and our veterans. 
Like many who may read this letter, I have voted for Senator Collins in the past. There is no doubt that she is a hardworking woman who has served our state well.  But it is time for fresh energy and leadership in Washington. It's time for someone who will stand up for us and put Mainers first, no matter who is in the White House.
Join me and cast your ballot for Sara Gideon for U.S. Senate. 
Vicki Doudera is state representative for District 94; Camden, Islesboro and Rockport