Letter to the editor: Doc Wallace

Thank You, Doug Cole

Sat, 08/22/2020 - 6:30pm

As Tip O’Neill said, “All politics is local.” And in that frame, the Rockport voters last Tuesday decided not to re-elect Doug Cole. I have no issue with the will of the electorate, but I need to say that this little town is going to miss his spirit, his extraordinary volunteerism (well beyond his duties as a selectman) and his selfless devotion toward making Rockport the town that we all love.

My wife and I serve on town committees – I on the Harbor Committee, and Haunani chairs the Parks and Beautification Committee. Doug is the BOS liaison to the latter.

In this role, Doug is not a figurehead. Whether it is flower bed planting on town property, participating and advising landscaping for the parks and library, painting town fences or clearing brush in overgrown parkways, Doug never misses a beat. The parks committee has a huge hole to fill with him gone.

I congratulate Delores Michelle Hannan on her election to the Rockport Board of Selectmen. She will quickly discover that there are a surprising number of issues facing the town that will demand her closest attention. She has big shoes to fill in this new civic role, and I know that townsfolk all want her to succeed in her new responsibilities.

Now, to close this comment on local politics out, take a well-deserved break, Doug Cole, from the limelight. I know the well-being of Rockport will always be in your hip pocket, and look forward to your continued impact on this great little town.

Doc Wallace lives in Rockport