Letter to the editor: Joan Welsh

Support for Senator Dave Miramant

Wed, 10/07/2020 - 12:15pm

I have known and worked with Dave Miramant for over 12 years.  As a former Representative, I saw Dave in action in the Senate: always hard working, always focused on the needs of his constituents.  Due to term limits, Dave is running for his last term and this may be the most important term for legislators to have  knowledge and experience. 

Due to the pandemic, Maine is facing real challenges in the coming two years.  We need our Senator to have a thorough understanding of the legislative process, the development of budgets and relationships with known colleagues on both sides of the aisle.  Dave’s experience both in the House and now his 6 years in the Senate give him the depth of knowledge to work well and effectively on behalf of Knox County.

Although I have not always agreed with Dave’s vote on every issue, I know that he works hard and stands up for the issues most important to me.  He’s stalwart in his support for jobs, job training and development of our workforce as we rebuild our economy.   He supports clean energy development that will bring new jobs and opportunities to Maine.

Dave will continue to vote for affordable health care for all Mainers, especially important during this time of widespread Covid disease.  He will support our schools and municipalities by finding ways to include these items in the next biennial budget, so important in helping reduce our property taxes.

Dave has served on committees overseeing Maine’s environment and Marine resources, thus having good knowledge about those important issues for our midcoast economy. He’s also served on the Transportation and the Energy, Utilities and Technology committees.  This experience and knowledge can’t be replaced.

Knox County needs to be represented by an experienced, hard working, effective Senator. 

Vote for Dave Miramant.

Joan Welsh lives in Rockport