Letter to the editor: Ursa Beckford

Senator Miramant delivers tangible results 

Mon, 10/19/2020 - 7:45pm

As an aide at the State House for the past two legislative sessions, I worked closely with four state senators, and your senator, Dave Miramant, was one of them. If you want a senator who delivers tangible results for folks across Knox County, re-elect Dave in the upcoming election. 

During the last two legislative sessions, Dave worked with Republicans, Democrats, and independents to pass new laws that lowered property taxes, reined in the cost of prescription drugs, guaranteed health care coverage for folks with pre-existing conditions, and promoted green energy jobs. He also supported a successful bond to expand access to reliable, high-speed internet in rural Maine. 

When the pandemic hit, Dave voted to strengthen the Maine CDC, establish a consumer loan program, and provide unemployment to those affected. He understood the pandemic threatened public health and the economy, advocating for an approach to reopening that would both keep people safe and keep small businesses operating. 

And when folks have problems and don’t know who to call, Dave is always available at (207) 236-4845 or David.Miramant@legislature.maine.gov. That was one of the most rewarding parts of my job, because Dave loves helping folks and always wants state government to work better for his constituents.

Whatever 2021 holds in store, I know one thing: If you send him back to Augusta, Dave will keep doing everything he can to improve people’s lives across Knox County. That’s what he cares most about. 

Ursa Beckford lives in Otis