Letter to the editor: Jayne Crosby Giles

Sen. Susan Collins is a champion of clean energy

Mon, 10/12/2020 - 9:15pm

Dear Editor,

I want to say thank you to Senator Susan Collins for sponsoring the bi-partisan National Clean Energy Week resolution that passed in Congress. Clean energy and a clean environment are something we can all get behind.

In Maine, September has brought the introduction of a new era for Maine energy. Bipartisan legislation passed earlier this year by our state legislature has taken hold that will guide the state’s transformation to 100% renewable energy and 80% reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The achievement is the result of a shared commitment across political parties to effectively steward our environment and economy.

While Mainers may not agree on everything, clean energy is something people across our state feel is important. By supporting and making investments in the industry, we can encourage local economic development and further a statewide energy-connected workforce that was closing in on 13,000 employees before the Covid-19 pandemic.

With leadership and support from Senator Collins, clean energy initiatives were recognized and celebrated across our country during National Clean Energy Week in September.  She is a champion of clean energy in Maine and across our country.  

Thank you again, Senator Collins for recognizing efforts and achievements that help to bring us together and promote a more sustainable energy future.  

Jayne Crosby Giles lives in Belfast