Letter to the editor: Rachel Herbener

Savage Straight Talk

Mon, 10/12/2020 - 4:30pm
Lisa Savage has honest answers for Maine.  In the first U.S. Senate debate the candidates were asked how to get money out of politics.  Gideon and Collins proposed legislation.  Linn directed us to his website.  Lisa: "Money out of politics is fairly simple.  Do what I do - don't accept corporate money."
Watch both debates and you will see that Lisa has clear, fiscally sound policies.  Lisa is the only candidate who supports the Green New Deal, an opportunity to create economic stability for Mainers and slow climate change.  Lisa spells out how we will pay for the transition on her web-site.  She will make cuts to the military budget.  Lisa will also restore the New Deal principle of taxation so corporations and the wealthy once again pay their fair share.
Homeland security isn't just about firepower.  Homeland security means U.S. citizens and the planet are thriving.  The Green New Deal will create sustainable union jobs in manufacturing, construction and transportation.  It will create new white-collar jobs in fields such as high-speed rail design. 
Regenerative agriculture will boost farmers' income and reduce our carbon emissions.  As our ocean heats up, many Mainers can no longer follow family traditions such as lobstering.  We need training so Mainers have a rewarding economic future here, and we're ready. 
This summer Bath Iron Works manufactured machines that make nasal swabs for Covid-19 tests.  Wind turbines could be next.  Maine can prosper if we are smart, bold and honest.  Rank Lisa first, blue No. 2.
Rachel Herbener lives in Belfast