Letter to the editor: Connie Hayes

Sarah Austin for Rockland City Council

Mon, 09/28/2020 - 11:45pm

I met Sarah several years ago and noticed how keenly she paid attention to what makes Rockland tick. She recognized deep concerns for income and housing, struggles around harbor and marine issues, community health and safety, the creative economy, and our aging population. She observed and joined committees and gradually offered ideas and built teams to meet several challenges our community faces. Over time she took on more volunteer work, and saw and heard more of our community expressing desires for better local government. Early on, I asked her if she might run for city council. She said she wanted to know the community better before answering. I crossed my fingers, hoping that she would step up. I am thrilled that our community has a chance this fall to elect her to benefit from her background and her careful study of Rockland.

Sarah is enthusiastic but not impulsive. She does her homework researching complex issues, pays attention to details and pursues solutions to benefit the long-term vibrancy of Rockland. Her choice in making Rockland her home follows the experience of living and working in several large and small communities in diverse places.

In this unusual time, we need good ideas, solid thinking and practical examination of what is possible. Sarah has seen creative solutions where she has lived. She brings broad understanding of what decisions add to a community’s ability to thrive. Sarah is not a one-issue candidate. She analyzes values and what matters most. Her careful temperament and demonstrated dedication to Rockland fully qualifies her for service on the Rockland city council. I  will celebrate her decision to run this fall with my vote.

Connie Hayes lives in Rockland