Letter to the editor; Anna Wood Cox

S. Paige Zeigler for real-world support of schools and safeguarding our lands and waters

Fri, 09/25/2020 - 1:45pm

I’m writing to support the reelection of S. Paige Zeigler as District 96 state representative.

As a teacher in Northport, I like the fact that Mr. Zeigler was a teacher and also served on a school board. He knows the problems schools face in normal times, and I trust him to work for sensible policies during the pandemic and after. Additionally, having worked on legislative staff, I understand how hard it is to write good legislation and then build the support among other legislators to get it passed. 

As our representative, Zeigler  works especially hard to develop cogent environmental policies, such as dealing with the pollution of our soil and water with toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” and encouraging offshore wind power generation as a step toward Maine energy self-sufficiency.

Real-world support for schools and safeguarding our lands and waters—these true family values are just two reasons to support Paige Zeigler for state representative. Please vote for him.

Anna Wood Cox lives in Morrill