Rockport initiates campaign to repair, upgrade Marge Jones Recreation Facility

Mon, 09/27/2021 - 11:00am

ROCKPORT — Over the past decade, conditions of the dugouts, equipment sheds, fences and fields at the Marge Jones Recreational Facility in Rockport, on Route 90, have deteriorated and are crying for attention. A revived Parks and Recreation Committee is taking on the task, and the first order of business is tending to the dugouts.

The goal is to reestablish a, “safe quality facility to play on,” said Rockport Fire Chief Jason Peasley, who is also the municipal liaison to the rec committee, whose members are parents of school age children.

“We are looking to get help from the community to build three new equipment storage buildings, replacing the 20-plus-year-old ones and repairing all the dugouts,” said Peasley.

The facility is 25 years old, and is used by sports teams and the community on a daily basis.

A fundraising campaign has begun, and volunteers are ready to help with the construction process.

“We are looking for donations for the material, or for monetary donations to purchase the materials needed,” the committee said, in a flier. “The monetary value for supplies needed to construct each shed is $2,100, for a total of $6,300. If one donor is to donate all the materials or monetary amount needed for a single shed, we will gladly place a plaque on the shed with the donor’s name thanking them their donation and support of the Marge Jones Recreation Facility.

See the Facebook page dedicated to the Marge Jones Recreational Facility. 

All checks to be made payable to the Town of Rockport, c/o Marge Jones Recreational Facility

Any questions or comments reach out to the employee representative, Jason Peasley at, or 207-446-8620.

What needs to fixed?

Resurface tennis court

Resurface basketball court and replace 25-year-old backboards

Replace and relocate flag pole to center of property vs. entrance

Fix all six dugs from rotten wood

Paint six dugouts and irrigation building

Replace three equipment buildings with construction

Install batting cages                                                                                                                      

Replace tennis court backstop wall

Replace rotten foul poles with new foul poles for all three fields

Fix all parking areas with proper material and operator