Letter to the editor: Ed and Laura Waller

Rockland will be well served by electing Louise MacLellan-Ruf to the City Council

Sun, 10/11/2020 - 8:30pm

It is a privilege to write this letter in support of the election of Louise MacLellan-Ruf to the Rockland City Council.  

As residents of Rockland and neighbors of Louise for more than 10 years, we have had a close look at Louise as a former council member, former Mayor, and Chair of the Harbor Commission.  She has always been a dedicated public servant.  She is energetic, passionate, determined and selfless in her concern for the welfare of the citizens of Rockland.  

Louise is talented and intelligent—she has the ability to listen to the views of others  and to come up with mutually acceptable solutions to problems—always with Rockland and its citizens uppermost in her mind.
Anyone who has walked, jogged, or pushed a baby stroller  along the Harbor Trail has Louise to thank.   It was her persistence which has made the trail possible and turned it into a reality.   Louise has been an important voice in guiding the City with respect to many  issues, for example, cruise ships, the Lindsey Bridge, Sandy Beach Park,  snow dumping, and coastal clean ups.
Rockland will be well served by electing Louise to the City Council.  She has the experience and vision to be an extremely effective  member of City Council again.  Thank goodness committed citizens such as Louise are willing to serve as our public officials.
Ed and Laura Waller live in Rockland