Display cases available to future exhibitions

Rockland Library displays fantasy sketches of local resident

Sun, 06/16/2019 - 3:45pm

ROCKLAND — The Rockland Public Library display cases are now featuring the sketchbooks of local resident Ben Cooke.

Cooke is an Englishman raised on fantasy fiction and narrative history in the multicultural urban heart of England. His childhood was inspired with trips to ancient noble homes and dramatic Welsh castles.

He studied art at Stourbridge College and then spent four years drawing through his church history degree at Edinburgh University’s Hogwarts-esque New College. He then spent three years running a retreat house on the mystic Celtic Isle of Iona for the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Cooke has been drawing since he could pick up a pencil.

“Sketch books have been an important part of my life since I completed a one year art qualification at age 18,” said Cooke, in a news release. “Living in Scotland I developed an interested in Celtic pattern work. But also started to notice connection between classical arts, Medieval Greek art (often called Byzantine), Islamic, African, Indian and even Chinese pattern work. The love of following an intercut from is within all cultures. This has been a uniting theme thorough my work and connects many of the images currently displayed.”


Local nonprofit civic or cultural group with information to share, individuals with unique collections of art or other treasures are invited to display at the Rockland Public Library.

Two display cases on the main floor are available for such promotional displays. These two lockable glass-enclosed display cabinets are approximately 5ft. 4in. tall on the interior with three adjustable and removable shelves. The cabinets are 24 in. wide and 14.5 in. deep. One or both display cases may be reserved.

Displays are generally kept up for one month. Your group is responsible for the creation, set up and removal of the display in a timely manner. Organizations providing materials for displays will be acknowledged with a sign “Materials in this display are provided by…”  

No items may be sold nor may prices be posted.

Those wishing to display in the Library’s display case(s) must complete and submit an “Application for Use” of the Rockland Public Library Display Case(s). Email Jessica Blanchard at jblanchard@rocklandmaine.gov or call the Library at 594-0310 for an application or with any questions.