Letter to the editor: Mark F. Waltz

Representative Pluecker’s support on some bills

Wed, 09/02/2020 - 8:15am

I have found representative Bill Pluecker to be affable and willing to take questions and answer or find answers to  them. Consequently, I became interested in his stance on various bills presented in the last legislative sessions. I found his voting record on the following bills.

 Voted Against LD 1292-This bill would reduce the state income tax. Maine ‘s taxes are high now and we need to find jobs for hard working Mainers so the tax base can increase.

Voted Against LD 322-a Bill to require voter ID to cast a ballot. If this not a logical request, then we shouldn’t require photo ID’s for other reasons.

Voted For LD 1317-This bill would provide money for non-citizens. We have large numbers of citizens who need help, I would contend that my tax dollars should help citizens first not non-citizens.

Voted For LD 829-A bill to give public tax money to provide  abortions. This is offensive to many who have trouble paying  their taxes.

In Favor 0f LD 454 and LD 920-apparently these bills limit competition for some producers of produce and enhance the competition for those who can pay lower wages to those employed to work their gardens

After reviewing the above legislative bills, I find my position on each one would be opposite his. I was hoping to find  commonality on at least one.

Mark F. Waltz lives in Warren