Letter to the editor: Steven Tanguay

Please vote Steven Tanguay for selectman in Searsport

Wed, 02/26/2020 - 11:15am

I worked for 30 years as a teacher and developed an experiential model for learning with a focus on writing curriculum for economics, history and agriculture to help move our State's public schools forward.  I taught students the value of entrepreneurship and economics through the School Garden Project with the excellent teachers at the T.H.M.S.

Twenty eight years ago I became the chief go-to guy at Searsport Shores Ocean Campground with my wife and her parents.

Building on our arts and education backgrounds, we created Fiber College to attract more people to our area in September and later created the Strung Together Music Campout the following week.  The interest in our local crafts, music and foods led to the creation of the Makers Guild of Maine, a not-for-profit founded to create lending libraries, showcase music and heritage arts and encourage our community to gather in multi-generational venues.

As an original member of the Clamshell Committee, I’ve helped maintain productive flats for recreational diggers. I’ve assisted food initiatives between farms, communities, schools and jails. I serve on the Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce where I advocate for Searsport and the region. I served on the Comprehensive Planning Committee and am an active founding member of the Head of the Bay Business Alliance.

I support government transparency and the right to build a small business if it strengthens our town.  I am committed to youth-oriented entrepreneurship programs and will work to create a manufacturing area on underutilized land. I will ask businesses and governmental agencies for things we need like school infrastructure, emergency service equipment or downtown beautification.  I’ll draw on my business experience to manage the budget, contracts, and purchases. I’ll utilize my teaching experience to listen, study, and learn how to best serve the interests of our community while looking at the big picture.  

I work with my hands and my head. I will explore fresh ideas that can create revenue streams for the town to help put the brakes on our growing tax burden.  Please go out to vote on March 3rd and choose me as a selectman for Searsport. If you need a ride or want to ask me any questions call 930-5920 or email campocean@gmail.com.

Steven Tanguay is running for a seat on the Searsport Board of Selectmen