Letter to the editor: Gary Fowlie

Our Senator, Dave Miramant, is accessible and effective

Tue, 10/27/2020 - 12:45pm

I’ve known Senator Dave Miramant since way back when he was a selectman in Camden, and he has always been very accessible, stopping by my business, Village Variety, to chat about issues coming up in Augusta that could affect my business and others like mine. And he doesn’t just stop by when there’s an election coming up. That’s who Dave is: a great senator who looks out for us and works hard to represent our voices in Augusta. 

Not only is Dave accessible, he also gets things done. Last year, he sponsored a bill to allow stores like mine to sell non-ethanol fuel. Non-ethanol fuel is great for small engine equipment, but for years a pointless regulation banned sales of non-ethanol fuel in some parts of Maine, including Knox County. Dave worked across the aisle, the Legislature unanimously passed his bill, and we’ll now be able to sell non-ethanol fuel starting on November 1. 

When I ran for, and was elected, as a State Representative from the Rockland area in the 1970s, I served in the seat previously held by Dave Emery, who I’ve always felt is a party line Republican. By contrast, I want a Senator who represents not only those who voted for them, but the community as a whole. Dave Miramant is that kind of senator. 

A lot of politicians say they listen to and represent all of their constituents, but Senator Dave Miramant actually does. It’s refreshing to see someone in office who cares not about a title or other position they're aspiring to down the road, but about all the people of Knox County. That’s why I’ll be voting for Dave Miramant in the upcoming election. I hope you’ll join me. 

Gary Fowlie lives in Camden