Oceanside Middle School student among winners of 2022 Lyme Disease Awareness Month poster contest

Thu, 05/19/2022 - 1:15pm

An Oceanside Middle School student is among the winners of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC) 2022 Lyme Disease Awareness Month poster contest. Maine CDC holds the contest each year for Maine students in kindergarten to eighth grade.

Alexander Pierpont, 7th Grade, Oceanside Middle School, is one of those winners.

The other winners for this year’s contest are:

Samantha Landry, 1st Grade, Stratton Elementary School
Maisy Emery, 3rd Grade, Spruce Mountain Elementary School
Anna Moffett, 5th Grade, Spruce Mountain Elementary School

The CDC congratulates all the winners, as well as honorable mention awardee: Addie Knieser, 4th Grade, Stratton Elementary School.

Students designed posters on the theme “Tick Wise.” Each poster illustrated at least one tick prevention tip:

  • Know tick habitat and use caution in areas where ticks may live.
    Use an EPA-approved repellent.
    Wear protective clothing.
    Perform tick checks daily and after any outdoor activity.


Maine CDC selected a winner from each of four grade groupings: K-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-5th, and 6th-8th grades. Winners received a Maine State Parks family day pass and tick removal kits for all their classmates. Visit Maine CDC’s website (www.maine.gov/lyme) to view the winning posters.

Maine CDC thanks all participants for their contributions to Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

Visit www.maine.gov/lyme for more information on Lyme disease and other tickborne diseases.

Explore Maine tickborne disease data through the Maine Tracking Network. Visit www.maine.gov/lyme and click on “Maine Tracking Network: Tickborne Diseases” in the menu on the left.

Watch tickborne disease videos on Maine CDC’s YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/MainePublicHealth.

Check out the tick and mosquito school curriculum for youth in third through eighth grades at www.maine.gov/dhhs/schoolcurricula.