North Haven students learning remotely amid community outbreak of 11 COVID-19 cases

Sat, 11/07/2020 - 5:30pm

    NORTH HAVEN — A COVID-19 outbreak is occurring on the island of North Haven, according to a Nov. 7 letter shared to the community by North Haven Community School Superintendent Peter Gallace and teaching principals John Dow and Christine Cooper. 

    “We have been told by the clinic that there are at least 11 positive cases on North Haven,” the letter stated. “One of our elementary [school] teachers has tested positive with COVID-19 and a high school student as well. The teacher will remain in quarantine.” 

    School staff will be directly notifying families of any other positive cases that may affect the school or families. 

    “We are working with the North Haven Clinic and the Maine CDC to contact trace and give you the most updated information,” said the letter. 

    All students will transition to remote learning and will return to school, as of now, Nov. 30 to allow testing to occur and allow for a thorough cleaning of the school. 

    “We are working the clinic to help determine our next steps to ensure everyone’s safety,” the letter stated.