Letter to the editor: Peter Overlock

Mike’s the true leader Rockland needs to find innovative, bipartisan solutions to state problems

Sat, 10/24/2020 - 8:30pm

As you know, Lindsey Brook begins just south of the Tennyson Quarry, runs through downtown Rockland, and feeds into the Rockland Harbor.  One can only imagine the bureaucratic quagmire associated with trying to improve this quintessential piece of Rockland.  Who would freely choose to devote their precious time and resources into a project many would leave to someone else to handle?

Mike Mullins.

Upon purchasing and dramatically improving an abandoned quarry in Rockland, Mike became interested in Lindsey Brook because of the potential for improvement he saw in it.

Acting on his desire to better our community, Mike personally commissioned a study of the brook earlier this year and published the findings publicly in hopes that anyone could easily understand the condition of the brook and consider ways it could be improved to benefit not only the citizens of Rockland, but the ecology of our beautiful region.

Mike’s calling on local residents, city leaders, and business owners to come together to find ways to improve and preserve Rockland’s little treasured Lindsey Brook.

My friend Mike isn’t just concerned with watersheds, he’s also a candidate for the Maine House of Representatives this November.  I believe Mike’s the true leader Rockland needs to find innovative, bipartisan (and, dare I say, NONpartisan) solutions to our state’s problems.  Mike’s got my vote, and I hope he has yours, too.


Peter Overlock lives in Owls Head