Medomak 7th softball sweeps doubleheader against Nobleboro, Troy Howard

Sat, 05/21/2022 - 11:15pm

WALDOBORO — The Medomak seventh grade middle school softball team emerged victorious with two wins Saturday, May 21 participating in a doubleheader against Nobleboro and Troy Howard. 

Medomak 19, Nobleboro 14

The Saturday morning doubleheader for the Riverhawks began with a thrilling contest despite the fog and cold that lingered around the diamond. 

Nobleboro tallied three runs in the first inning, three more in the third, one in each the fourth, fifth and six innings and five in the seventh inning. Medomak, meanwhile, tallied two in the first, five in the second, six in the third, one in the fifth and five in the sixth. 

Pitching for Medomak were Sidney Nicholls (four innings, 12 strikeouts, five hit batters) and Ivy McCollett (three innings, five strikeouts).

Pitching for Nobleboro were Giberson (four strikeouts) and Dean (one strikeout). First names were not available. 

On offense for Nobleboro: Coffin (hit by pitch, single), Dean (three walks), Martin (walk, hit by pitch), Thompson (walk, hit by pitch), Giberson (three walks, hit by pitch), Wilcox (two walks, single, double), Ward (single, hit by pitch), Smith (walk) and Frazier (walk). First names were not available. 

On offense for Medomak: Grace Townsend (two singles, two walks), Sidney Nicholls (three walks), Jennika Schumann (walk, single), Alyse Court (two walks), Rachel Barbour (single), Grace Havener (walk, hit by a pitch), Aleah Shay (two walks, single), Lilly Hills (two walks), Ivy McCollette (walk), Arie Kennard (three walks), Ariel Castner (two walks) and Pagie Gerlack (two singles). 

Medomak 13, Troy Howard 6

With the fog gone and warmer temperatures, Medomak transitioned into the second game of the day just before noon. 

Medomak plated three in the first inning, five in the second and five in the fourth. Troy Howard, meanwhile, recorded four runs in the third inning and two in the fifth. 

Sidney Nicholls pitched a complete game for Medomak, fanning a dozen batters along the way. Emma, no last name available, pitched for Troy Howard earning 15 strikeouts and recording one hit-by-pitch. 

On offense for Medomak: Grace Townsend (two walks, hit by pitch), Sidney Nicholls (two walks), Rachel Barbour (two walks, single), Grace Havener (walk, double), Ariel Castner (walk), Paige Gerlack (walk, single), Aleah Shay (walk), Molly Emerson (walk), Jennika Schumann (single) and Ivy McCollette (two walks). 

On offense for Troy Howard: Khloe (walk), Autumn (two walks), Morgan (walk, single), Emma (walk), Camilla (walk), Siena (walk), Zody (walk) and Jaedyn (single). Last names were not available.