Mainers already have a keeper

Wed, 10/07/2020 - 7:45pm
How many times have you been in a conversation about our reps in DC and said something like, "Why can't they work across the aisle for our benefit?  Or perhaps, "Why is it that party politics always comes first?"  Or in desperation you say, "I don't believe a word he/she says, it's all BS". 
Well then, if this is you, consider the following two guidelines.  First: how about a cool, patient, analytical and honest examination of each issue and its long term impact on America's future?.  Second: how about following the oath of office principles, whereby the reps swear to uphold our U.S. constitution?   
Well, you might think: "that' ain't happenin, not in Washington, that's  unheard of."  Well yes it has and is happening with one senator and that senator is Susan Collins.  Time and again through the years, we've seen her take the honest, careful approach.  Time and again, we've seen her stay out of the media party aligned limelight.   
Are you really considering throwing Senator Collins overboard?  Considering replacing this level of outstanding, exceptional integrity?  Speaker Gideon talks warm and fuzzy, but she is a mud slinger from start to current.  And her campaign is turbo charged with out-of-state megabucks to boot. And then there's Gideon's sticky unanswered ethical problems?   
Let's rehire Senator Collins. Her hard earned Maine-style integrity has proven her to be a KEEPER.   
DIRIGO Maine means we vote Collins.
Jon Kuhl lives in Camden