Knox County deed transfers

Wed, 09/08/2021 - 12:30pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from Aug. 16-20 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


    Wendy Thatcher Hall Est. to Robert L. Hall.


    John A. Baikewicz to John Baikewicz Tr and John Baikewicz Living Trust.

    Bea Grant, Bowman Grant and Shawn Michael Berry to Donald H. Swartz and Jennifer J. Horsman.

    Gary A. Wullschlager and Suzanne Laforge Wullschlager to Gart A. Wullschlager, Suzanne Wullschlager Tr. and Wullschlager Family Trust.

    Janet L. Kooyenga to Kevin L. Cope and Barbel Czennia.

    Charlotte M. Beebe Est. to Christopher Beebe.


    Ryan Colson to Carmelo Soto.

    Douglas C. Fales to Doug Fales Selective Cutting and Landshaping Inc.


    Marie Caroline Hendrickson Est. to John Rettiger and Kelly Rettiger.

    Owls Head

    Kathleen Ilvonen to Anne MacPherson and Simon Green.

    Stephen J. Heuser and Dawn K. Heuser to Dawn K. Heuser Tr., Stephen J. and Dawn K. Heuser Revocable Trust and Stephen J.  Heuser.

    Judith A. Goldstein to Thomas D. Waldron Tr., Judith A. Taylor Revocable Trust and Tom D. Waldron Tr.

    Thomas D. Waldron Tr., Tom D. Waldron Tr. and Judith A. Taylor Revocable Trust to David F. Taylor.

    Elizabeth Murgita Wolfertz to Angela Murgita Tr., Dana Murgita Tr. and Elizabeth Murgita Wolfertz Irrevocable Trust.


    Mid Coast Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Jesse H. Newcomb III.

    Judith A. McMahan and Donald E. McMahan Sr. to Devon Deabler and Tracy E. Deabler.

    Sally A. Black and James C. Black to Chelsea Labree and Ebinumo Amabebe.

    Richard A. Gamage and Heidi J. Gamage to Jon Sherry.

    Leslie C. Gall and John C. Gall to Nancy C. Young.


    Peter N. Susca and Betsy G. Pollock to Richard Krementz and Barbara Krementz.

    Joyce C. Johnson to Debra M. Keene and Steven M. Keene.

    Beth A. Fox and Timothy F. Fox to Robin K. Brooks and Richard W. Brooks.

    Andrew Cavanaugh and Deborah McFarland to Crystal O’Brien and Shaun O’Brien.

    Debra D. Dohrmann to Gerald E. Quirk and Elizabeth T. Quirk.

    Janice L. Nicol and Ralph H. Hershberger to 305 State Street LLC.

    St. George

    Michael J. Mastronardi to Michael J. Mastronardi and Amber Rose Mastronardi.

    Betty W. Lucas to Kim Lucas Uniacke Tr., Holly Lucas Murphy Tr. and Candys Cove Trust 2020.

    Charles L. Knowlton to Christopher J. Tynan.

    Laurel B. Weaver to Donald J. Weaver.

    John Blydenburg to Michael Walsh and Kim E. Walsh.

    South Thomaston

    Heath F. Curtis to Dennis McCoy.

    David Lee George to Nancy Elizabeth George.

    Stephen L. Snow and Joseph E. Snow to Joseph E. Snow and Kristi Snow.

    Jean E. Young Irrevocable Trust and Maxwell R. Young to Paul Leach.


    Jamie Steeves to Sunrock LLC.

    Christopher A. Steiner to Leslie J. Young.

    Theresa Smith to Laurel Christopher.

    Dorothy A. Johnson to Alberta J. Denault.

    Ann L. Craven Tr. and ALC Investment Trust to Alan R. Prosser.

    Nancy M. Wood to Benjamin Blackmon and Regina Rooney.

    Town of Thomaston to Daniel Ford.

    Laurel B. Weaver to Donald J. Weaver.


    Terry Washburn and Heidi Washburn to Catherine Marie Coll and William Francis Coll.

    Frank W. Fogg Jr. and Sandra L. Fogg to Shawn Wallace.

    Terry Washburn and Heidi Washburn to Catherine Marie Coll and William Francis Coll.


    26 Maine LLC to Jacob Thompson and Justin Grant.


    Macadeka LLC to Carl Erickson Jr.

    Janet J. Berry Est. to Cheyenne Elaine Nash and Ethan T. Jackson.

    Willis R. Berry to Cheyenne Elaine Nash and Ethan R. Jackson.

    David F. Bryant II and Holly D. Bryant to Jason T. Russell and Helen C. Russell.

    Scott A. Hibl and Jenny L. Hibl to Jeanie B. Cushman Tr. and Jeffrey L. Cushman Irrevocable Trust.

    Laura L. Billings, Edward R. Billings and Laura Small to Leland E. Boggs II.


    Ski House 141 LLC to JC Ministries Inc.

    Priscilla A. Esancy and Levi Esancy to Christopher S. Lidstone.

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