Smoke at Pizza Hut, propane odor at Domino’s Pizza, rollover in St. George

Just another Saturday on the Coast

Sun, 01/29/2023 - 8:00am

    Despite the relatively warm temperatures throughout the region this weekend, not all people in the region were playing.

    On Sunday morning, Jan. 29, St. George Fire and Ambulance awoke at 5:46 a.m. to a report of a single vehicle rollover on the Spruce Head Road.

    The vehicle was found to be resting against some trees, and halfway between its side and its roof. The driver had already self-extricated and was nowhere to be seen. Based on the condition of the vehicle, and upon questioning some neighbors regarding sounds they heard during the night, it was determined that the crash had occurred around midnight.

    AutoMaster towed the vehicle. 

    In Rockland, firefighters were called to Pizza Hut following a Saturday, Jan. 28, 5:12 p.m., report of smoke coming through the ceiling. The building was evacuated prior to the arrival of Rockland Fire and EMS and their mutual aid partners from Rockport and Camden. While Rockport and Camden personnel waited for assignments, Rockland firefighters searched the building and the attic. 

    They found smoke in the building but the smoke smelled like burning rubber, which lead them to look at the air handling and heating on the roof. They found an air handler that had a melted belt and broken pulley system. The smoke was from the belt that was burning due to the malfunctioning  system. The system was shut down and the smoke within the rest of the building was cleared with fire department air monitors.

    As Pizza Hut is located on Camden Street, the idling Rockport fire trucks were able to wait on the street, still allowing southbound traffic to continue by using the center lane. Camden units staged up the street in the Job Lots parking lot.

    All personnel were back in their stations an hour later. However, at 7:16 p.m., a smell of propane was reported at Domino’s. Rockland Fire responded to that, spending a very brief amount of time since no odor was detected on fire department gauges.

    At some point, on Saturday, CPR was performed in South Thomaston. The person was revived on scene and declined any further medical attention.

    And, at various times of the day, local law enforcement agents were on the prowl for certain vehicles that failed to stop for officers when traffic stops were conducted.