Letter to the editor: Corliss and Rick Davis

Join us in returning Democrat Jan Dodge to Augusta

Mon, 09/07/2020 - 9:30am

This November, we will both be enthusiastically voting to send Jan Dodge back to the State House to represent Belfast, Belmont, and Lincolnville for a second term.  We first met Jan when she was campaigning for the House District 97 seat in 2018.  She came to our door and spent a good half hour answering our questions and sharing her goals and priorities. We both have volunteered for years for Window Dressers.  As a customer and a volunteer, Jan has also demonstrated her devotion to supporting local causes like this.  Even after she was no longer a customer (Customers are asked to help make inserts.), Jan has donated food to feed our other volunteers for several years.   

We are proud to know that Jan has a 100% voting record with the Maine Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood, the League of Women Voters of Maine, the Maine People’s Alliance, and other organizations.  She was successful in getting three of her own bills passed in this legislative session – quite a feat for a freshman legislator.

We have been impressed and pleased that whenever we have written to Jan about legislation we supported, she has replied promptly.  And no one who has seen Jan’s exuberant use of exclamation points, can doubt her overall enthusiasm for her work!

Please join us in returning Democrat Jan Dodge to Augusta to represent us all for another two years.

Corliss and Rick Davis live in Belfast