Letter to the editor: Jennifer Hill

Jan Dodge has energetic voice, steady hand

Sun, 10/18/2020 - 9:45pm

While the national insanity rises to a feverish pitch, we have a single woman representing Belfast, Waldo, and Northport in Augusta who has been serving us steadily with distinction: State Representative Jan Dodge of Belfast.

We are so lucky to have Jan in our corner. Her energy and her conviction in causes that affect the biggest needs and smallest pocket books in the county reflect her belief in a government that discards no one and looks away from no problem, no matter how difficult.

I have experienced firsthand her commitment to universal health care through our work with Maine AllCare. She brought the perspective of a sitting legislator to the group. Who working in Augusta so many hours would take the time to haul herself over to the Belfast Library every month for a meeting? Jan Dodge.

Her work with From Above is hands-on, as she helped organize the large group of dedicated people addressing homelessness in Waldo County.

Jan was one of the original organizers of Aging Well in Waldo County, which is where we met. Her energetic voice and steady hand had much to do with the group’s success.

Join me in rewarding good behavior in our civic leadership. Re-elect Jan Dodge as our representative in Augusta.

Jennifer Hill lives in Waldo