Letter to the editor: Greg Coleman

Jan Dodge is committed to working for residents of House District 97

Sun, 09/20/2020 - 7:45pm

  “Oh The Times They are a Changin.”

 As you may recall, Bob Dylan wrote this folk tune in 1964, a time of uncertainty and unrest, a time when we,as a nation, were dealing with social injustices that existed in the Black community. Who would have known, fifty plus years later, that we would be addressing the similar issues of social injustice. Add to this the COVID-19 crisis.

So much remains uncertain today, however, one thing is certain, Jan Dodge is committed to, devoted to and determined to continue to work for the residents of House District 97 .

She has proven herself by working cooperatively with all members of the Maine Legislature. Together they adopted a supplemental budget that deals with helping Maine families during the pandemic that increased reimbursement rates for direct health care providers, raised the state’s contribution for pre-k-12 education, passed bonds for transportation needs and access for broadband, passed health care bills to drive down costs and increase accessibility for all Mainers.

More work needs to be done when the legislature reconvenes. Jan possesses the; energy, enthusiasm and willingness to be productive on our behalf when she is re-elected for a second term. Are you willing to support Jan? If so join me on November 3 and vote (in person or by absentee ballot). I am certain you will not regret your decision.

Greg Coleman lives in Waldo