Letter to the editor: Terry Costa

Gordon Page is unquestionably qualified to represent Senate District 12

Fri, 10/23/2020 - 7:30pm

I am writing this letter in support of Gordon Page for the Maine State Senate in District 12. Gordon is unquestionably qualified for the job. After spending decades in the private sector (something all of our elected officials should be able to say), he subsequently spent many years in the non-profit community and is a proven leader when it comes to economic development. I could go on and on about his qualifications and leadership in the community and the work that he has done for the business owners and youth of mid-coast Maine. His experience speaks for itself, and this alone would have earned my vote for him.

However, it is Gordon’s personal character and integrity-words rarely used in politics today-that have earned him my support for the senate. Many years ago, when I was still in high school, Gordon did a kind act for the benefit of my personal safety and well-being. Without going into detail, I had done something foolish and a bit reckless (as teenage boys sometimes do). He was witness to this and he offered me some compassionate, yet stern, advice. He spoke to me for just a few moments, but he did so without being threatening or unnecessarily harsh-he did it simply because he cared about a young man’s welfare. Because of the caring manner in which he spoke to me his message really resonated. He did what a concerned and caring citizen would have done-he did what a community leader would have done.

He made no fanfare about it and to my knowledge he never told my parents or any other adult. I’m sure he probably doesn’t even remember this incident, but I have never forgotten it. If I knew nothing else about Gordon except for this brief moment from my youth it would be enough for me to vote for him. The fact that he is so well qualified to represent us only clinches it.

Terry Costa lives in Warren