Game Loft program launches ‘Campaign for Civic Engagement’ fundraiser

Thu, 10/22/2020 - 4:30pm

Story Location:
Game Loft
Belfast  Maine
United States

    BELFAST — Youth from the Game Loft’s sister program, I Know ME, have launched a “Campaign for Civic Engagement” this election season. Kids from the program are creating “I voted!” pins available when people make a donation of any size to the program between now and Election Day.

    Founding co-director of the program, Patricia Estabrook, had this to say, in a news release, about the initiative: “I have lived through 18 presidential elections and I have never seen one that brought out more passion on both sides. Although this passion has caused frustration for everyone I think it is also an opportunity to help our young people to understand the importance of the American electoral process. At the Game Loft/I Know ME programs we value and encourage civic responsibility and, in order to get young people involved, we are working this innovative project.”

    The Game Loft/I Know ME does not support any political candidate, issue or party but encourages participation in the political process by all citizens, according to Game Loft.  

    “This campaign hopes to inspire youth engagement in our civic process now and into the future,” said the organization.

    You can give a donation through: 

    charity.gofundme.com/ikme-civic-campaign. Donations under $10 are welcome and can be made by check sent to The Game Loft, 78A Main Street, Belfast, ME 04915 or at thegameloft.org/donate.

    “Please include your name and address and the number of buttons you would like and we will deliver or send your button(s) to you,” said Game Loft.