Letter to the editor: Jayne Crosby Giles

Duncan Milne offers us experience, compassion and commitment

Fri, 09/11/2020 - 10:30am

I am writing to support Duncan Milne of Liberty for Waldo County State Senate.  Duncan is an excellent choice with 25 years of service as a US Marine, retiring as a Colonel.  Duncan grew up in Maine along with his wife, Therese. He is a decorated Marine with experience in economic development, pandemic response, and public policy now as President of the Dixon Center for Military and Veteran Services. 

Duncan is a highly qualified candidate so I need to speak out against a recent anti-Milne postcard sent to thousands of Waldo County voters. The mailer questions Duncan’s ability to serve Waldo County because he recently retired here.  It is upsetting – especially during an election year – to see doubt cast upon a Maine veteran because he was away serving our country.

My late uncle, Lt. Commander (Ret.) Fred Breslin, also served.  He retired from the Naval Reserves after 22 years, moved his family back to Maine, and began a second career of public service as a City and Town Manager for Belfast and Searsport.  Fred was “away” a long time but when ready – he came home. I am grateful for the service of Fred, Duncan, and all of our honored veterans. 

The anti-Milne postcard is wrong describing Duncan as “…someone who moved here from Virginia for political gain.” The truth is that Duncan was away serving our country.

Now that he’s home, Duncan offers us experience, compassion, and commitment.  A true Mainer, he’s ready to serve again.  Duncan has my vote!

Jayne Crosby Giles lives in Belfast