Does this belong to you? Rockland Police Dept. issues list of found items

Mon, 06/07/2021 - 12:45pm

    The property listed below are unclaimed items turned into the Rockland Police Department.

    #20104; Black Sony PlayStation 2; found in the area of South Main Street; damaged

    #19959; Powder blue Zulu cup; belonging to A. Egan; found at a Rockland bar

    #19881; Apple IPhone; found near a Rockland school at the beginning of 2021

    #18885; Single silver key with a Lowe’s emblem and colored rubber attachment with a photo of a white car

    #19299; Brown Hissimo wallet with a certain amount of cash

    #19915; One $20 bill; found somewhere on Park Street in the beginning of 2021

    #19700; One $100 bill; found by a local school in October, 2020

    #19650; Red Safe Keeper wallet with IDs belonging to E. Mclean

    #19682; Hometown Bank debit card belonging to B. A. Porter

    #19491; 2 Pieces of jewelry belonging to R. Twaddel

    #19488; Black Samsung smartphone belonging to H. Prior; Found on a local beach in September, 2020

    #19529; Two keys (“Do not duplicate”); found on a trail between two local stores

    #20114; Colorado Driver’s License belonging to E. Westerfield; found in April 2020

    #19191; Black smartphone found on Broadway near Walker Place in June 2020

    #19292; Four $20 bills found on Park Street in July 2020

    #19436; Passport card belonging to D. Mulhern

    #18946; One gold ring on black key ring located on Main Street in March, 2020

    #18856; Dockers wallet belonging to D. Noyes

    #19317; “Dogtra” training collar found near a second hand store in Rockland, July, 2020

    #20289; Set of keys found on Old County Road, May, 2020

    #18948; Small flashlight key chain with key attached; a business is engraved on the key