Letter to the editor; Becky Bartovics

Dave Miramant is good for our district

Sun, 10/18/2020 - 8:15pm

I am voting for Dave Miramant for Maine State Senate from District 12.

Senator Miramant has served this district extremely well during his time in Augusta- this will be his final term before being term limited.  Dave brings great awareness of the way things work in Augusta and has the ability to effect change by working there and with his constituents. He also is a great advocate within the district providing a good ear and strong ability to provide constituent services.  

Personally, I called Senator Miramant to assist with a difficult situation that arose with the ferry service and island businesses. We were at an impasse. Dave was able to call a meeting with DOT and Maine State Ferry representatives and two business representatives.  Because of his level headedness and ability to mediate, we were able to be heard and to move forward with an acceptable solution.

This could not have happened without his presence and voice.

Dave is good for our district. Vote for David Miramant for State Senate.

Becky Bartovics lives on North Haven