letter to the editor: Kristen Redman

Confident Duncan Milnes will be up for the challenge

Wed, 09/23/2020 - 6:45pm
Dear District 11: Lately my heart is full of fear and uncertainty and I worry about the loss of a world we knew just a few months ago. 
I grieve for my neighbors and friends who have lost jobs, businesses they have worked their whole lives to build and all those who feel unsafe in their homes. 
We desperately need to elect the right individuals, people with wide experience in matters of natural and manmade catastrophic incidents.  Electing those with track records of public service and putting others first makes sense. 
I am supporting Duncan Milne for state senate because he has developmental experience in response plans and a decorated military career.  It makes me feel confident knowing Duncan Milne has received awards for his valor and heroism.
I am confident he will be up for the challenge and be able to make the difficult decisions which surely await him in Augusta.  Please join me and vote for Duncan Milne on November 3. (Absentee ballots may be requested at your local town office if you are currently a registered voter).
Please remember that you do not need to be out of town Election Day in order to vote absentee, some prefer to vote early and avoid long lines or inclement weather. 
Kristen Redman lives in Searsmont