Letter to the editor: Carlisle Towery and Susan Deutsch

The choice is clear

Thu, 10/22/2020 - 10:45am

Valli Geiger is an exceptionally qualified, and attractive, candidate for the House District 93 seat.   She has six years of active public service and over 20 years of residency in Rockland.   Owls Head and Rockland will benefit from her election. 

By contrast, her opponent Mike Mullins’ energetic campaign for that position and sizable expenditures are excessive and don’t ring true.  His recent support of right-wing Republican candidates and their Trumpian agendas opposing women’s rights to end a pregnancy, to repeal the Affordable Care Act and privatize Social Security  belie his stated progressive agenda.  His misuse and falsification of Becca, Shaw Geyser’s interview in the Free Press so as to imply support for him are simply unacceptable.   This is conduct that should be rejected.

Valli Geiger has a PROVEN progressive agenda promoting education, health-care, housing, the environment and more.  She knows her way around local and state government and has been very effective.   Valli Geiger has our enthusiastic support.

Carlisle Towery and Susan Deutsch live in Owls Head