Letter to the editor: John Piotti

Chip Curry will be an outstanding State Senator

Mon, 10/12/2020 - 4:30pm

I’ve known Chip Curry since he moved to Waldo County over 25 years ago. He is an exceptional person, who cares deeply about our region and people.  He possesses the experience, integrity, and knowledge of local people and issues to be an outstanding State Senator.

From my own time in the Maine Legislature, I know the kind of person who can make a real difference: someone who is smart but doesn’t think he has all the answers, self-effacing yet always willing to speak up for what is right, a team player who can get along with others but will never succumb to outside pressure and will always vote for what is best for the people he represents. In Chip Curry, the people of Waldo County will have all of this and more.

In an election year like this one, it’s easy to forget that we have before us local choices which in some ways will affect our lives more than anything that happens in Washington. We need the absolute best people in Augusta. We need Chip Curry. 

John Piotti lives in Belfast



John Piotti