Letter to the editor: Rick Cronin

Chip Curry for Maine Senate

Mon, 07/06/2020 - 1:30pm

It is always a good day when you draw Chip Curry as a doubles partner in tennis; he runs down everything.  After tennis, eight of us often get a chance to sit and talk.  These coffee and bagel forums are wide ranging - current events, reliable car mechanics, movies, outrages, fishing, frustrations, and whatever piques anyone’s interest at the moment is reason enough to get down in the weeds and share opinions, advice, and information.

I have been constantly impressed by Chip’s contributions.  They are thoughtful and inquiring.  His range of knowledge is impressive.  He will often come back a week later having run down research that adds information or a new perspective to the thread of ongoing topics.  Even more impressive is his capacity to listen and learn from others.  He doesn’t talk to hear his own voice.  If he has something to say, it’s usually fresh, reasonable, and sometimes provocative.

  What more can we ask of someone willing to represent us in government?  A thoughtful hard-working person, willing to listen and find answers to complex problems seems perfect.  My only reluctance in recommending him to represent Waldo County in the Maine Senate is that he may not have time to play tennis and a good doubles partner is hard to find.

Rick Cronin lives in Belfast