Letter to the editor: Jeff Shula

Chip Curry has calm, clear-eyed, humanistic approach to life

Sun, 10/04/2020 - 10:00am
For 18 years, as a teacher at Searsport District High School, I attended many plays put on by SDHS's outstanding theater program, led by Chris Goosman. At least part of the reason the program is so successful is the work of Goosman's husband, Chip Curry.
The Maine Senate candidate from Belfast could be seen with hammer in hand, constructing set after set as opening night approached.
When there's work to be done, Curry steps up. As an educator himself, he knows the needs of Waldo County's children and families. Whether it's as a member of a state task force on afterschool programming, or as a higher-ed advisor for nontraditional adult students at URock, Chip has the best interests of residents in mind. He knows that education leads to jobs and jobs lead to a standard of living that lessens stress on the social safety net. 
I'm confident that his high regard for the environment will inform all his decisions, and that those decisions will reflect his calm, clear-eyed, humanistic approach to life.
Jeff Shula lives in Belfast