Letter to the editor: Stuart Finkelstein

Bill Pluecker Works For Us

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 10:45pm

When senseless acts of racism and anti-Semitism were occurring throughout our country, Bill Pluecker stepped up to help our synagogue secure a Homeland Security grant to insure a safe haven of worship inside our 112-year-old building.

When my neighbor’s son was unable to get the life saving insulin he needed because of a Medicaid issue, Bill intervened so that the family’s case was reviewed and the issue was ultimately resolved.

When we all feel the ever increasing burden of property taxes to support funding for our schools, Bill sees education as a fundamental investment in the future of our communities and is committed to stand for the will of the voters to properly fund local schools at the state level.

I support Bill because he supports me, my neighbors and my community. As an independent candidate for House District 95, Bill’s affiliation is to his constituents first. He listens, he empathizes, and he takes action. Please join me in voting for Bill Pluecker on November 3.

Stuart Finkelstein lives in Warren