Letter to the editor: Tobey Williamson

Adam Lachman will bring the best qualities of leadership to Rockland City Council

Mon, 10/12/2020 - 4:30pm

We are living through mind boggling changes. The challenges we face are many and varied. But there are always opportunities in times of challenge and change. Leadership is what allows these opportunities to come into focus and brings people together to seize them. 

Adam Lachman will bring the best qualities of leadership to the Rockland City Council — active listening, fair process, accountability, and a willingness to pursue good, common sense ideas from across the political spectrum. 

In addition, he has proven experience working with government at every level to improve the lives of others.  Perhaps more importantly, he has experience as a business owner.  So, he understands what it takes to innovate in order to survive and the value of the economic and community development work that supports jobs, investment and a healthy tax base. 

Rockland has so much going for it and we will continue to see growth as people seek the quality of life we enjoy. Please join me in voting for Adam to ensure our conversations about how to move forward together are civil, productive and focused on the many opportunities coming our way.

Tobey Williamson lives in Rockland