Letter to the editor: Janis Petzel

Absentee Ballots must be received by November 3

Wed, 10/28/2020 - 10:00pm
I encourage all of my friends and neighbors to vote the Democratic ticket from top to bottom this election.
If you're voting absentee, plan to drop your ballot off in person at your Town Clerk's office. Your ballot must be received by November 3 (not postmarked) to be counted.
With just a little less than a week to go before the election, it's better to be safe than sorry with this firm voting deadline. 
And don't forget to sign the back of the envelope. You can track the status of your returned ballot to make sure that it has arrived and has been accepted at
https://apps.web.maine.gov/cgi-bin/online/AbsenteeBallot/ballot_status.pl . If there is a problem with your ballot, you still have time to get it "cured." 
If you plan to vote in person, please be respectful of the health and safety of our Town Clerks and wear a mask! 
Here's to a Blue Wave in Maine--vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Sara Gideon, Jared Golden, and the Dems for the Maine State House. For me, that's Chip Curry and VIcki Doudera.
Don't wait.  Turn in your completed absentee ballot today!
Janis Petzel lives on Islesboro