Letter to the editor: Phyllis Nikkel

100-Year-old for Biden

Wed, 09/16/2020 - 5:30pm

Four years of endless outrageous wickedness by the current president has set my 100-year-old mind into a plunge. I have lived through 25 presidential elections, and this time disbelief has nearly won. I have been sustained, barely, by the unbelievably courageous witnesses at the impeachment trial and the amazing load of people hoping to catch a chance at the presidency.

When I reflect on the kinds of citizens out there that they offer to represent if elected, I am astonished.

I am aware of my own inadequacies as a voter, but in spite of utter emptiness, there still may be lurking the beauty of truth. There may be crumbs to catch, another twig bridge to build, one more murderous river to cross.

Let’s vote for people able to vote for hope.

Let’s vote for Biden and Harris.

Phyllis Nikkel lives in Rockport