What’s the view outside your window?

Posted:  Thursday, April 23, 2015 - 2:00pm


Susan and Doug Fernau of Northport sent us some photos of some recent visitors to their yard, among other nice shots, and here is what they had to say about it...

On Easter Sunday.....we were expecting a creature with big floppy ears. Imagine our surprise when we peered out our kitchen window and saw this lovely creature we have since dubbed...."his Owlie-ness."

At the end of March, we were visited by Sir Peregrine Falcon.

Perhaps there is a Trip Advisor website for our feathered friends? We installed a Brome squirrel proof feeder, last autumn and it has attracted birds of all types. We think all the bird activity inspired these two distinguished gentlemen to visit us a for a few days. From our perspective, our kitchen window, is better than streaming on Netflix!

We thought you would enjoy photos of our special visitors.

Lastly, our home sits atop a hill in Northport and we are provided with ever changing distant Penobscot Bay views. Monday morning's sky was spectacular. We Maineacs have all endured a hah-rd wintah, but we are indeed fortunate to have this wonderful opportunity to be up close and personal with Mother Nature's gems.