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Chloe wins hearts at Thomaston Town Office

Fri, 12/23/2016 - 8:45pm

    THOMASTON — Thomaston town office staff expected Chloe to stay with them only a short time, on loan from the local animal shelter. The idea was to bring an adoptable pet into public spaces, away from the metal cages, dozens of animals, and woeful eyes that overwhelm prospective adopters.

    Sometimes this concept works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

    For the Thomaston Town Office, the concept worked, and then again, it didn’t.

    Chloe moved in. Her dining area became established along the back wall. She found a favored spot on a desktop with a foot warmer underneath, and awaited the day when the adoption information taped to the picture window invited her new family to her.

    Through the night, she has the office to herself, protecting building permits, keeping ordinances secure, and of course, getting the shut eye needed to sustain the work days and her adoring fans. 

    Shortly after the office opens for the day, Chloe breaks her fast. She dines again at noon, and then at 5 p.m.

    In the interim, she rubs against legs, finds lively fingers to scratch her neck, and — at least when her dinner is slow to come — runs toward anyone who calls her name. (tail high, belly swinging, meowing a “Yes? you have something for me?”)

    Inevitably, attention finds its way to her.

    Her soft liveliness fills the room.

    Locals started seeking her out. The staff grew fond, and maybe just a little envious. The concern started to grow. What if someone claimed her and took her away?

    At that thought, the staff took action. They adopted her in the name of the Thomaston Town Office. Immediately, the adoption poster was pulled from the front window.

    Chloe came home to Thomaston. 


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