What's in that cocktail?

Snow White's Poisoned Appletini
Wed, 10/03/2012 - 10:00pm

    THOMASTON — Through a dense forest of damp, rotting leaves, she sprints, dodging bare branches, her red velvet cloak filthy with mud. At the dimmest part of the glade, she trips, lunging head first into the soft, spongy forest floor. Behind her, The Queen's Huntsman appears, holding a dagger.

    "Snow White," he growls. "For your last moment on earth, what's your poison?"

    She holds up a martini glass, takes a delicate sip. "At the Slipway, we call it, 'Snow White's Poison Appletini'."

    The Slipway in Thomaston is a few weeks from closing for the season, but bartender Shane Davis has come up with a reason to people visit the restaurant before then.

    After prepping his ingredients with a saucer of simple syrup and crushing graham crackers into another saucer, he went to work, cutting up 1/4 of an apple into chunks. he muddled the apple with 3-4 basil leaves, a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of raw or brown sugar and two dashes of bitters. After muddling, he added ice and five ounces of Maker's Mark bourbon with two ounces of Maine Root ginger beer. Giving the glass a good shake, he strained the cocktail into a martini glass that had been coated with simple syrup and rimmed with crushed graham cracker crust and served it with an apple slice. See our video to see how the cocktail is made.

    The result is an earthy, textured taste, very fall. Sweet because of the ginger, tart because of the apple bits, but yet, the bourbon lets you know what's going on.

    The Slipway will stay open until Oct. 21, so get it while you can.

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