Oceanside basketball tops Medomak in Busline action

Fri, 01/20/2023 - 8:30am

Busline League middle school basketball action continued Thursday, Jan. 19 across the Midcoast.

Below are the results reported to the sports department. Stats can be sent by email: sports@penbaypilot.com.

8th boys: Oceanside 71, Medomak 45

Both teams were tied at 12 after the opening quarter before Oceanside held leads of 36-13 and 55-18 after the second and third quarters, respectively. 

Scoring for Oceanside were Trevin Ripley (12), Sebastian Olson (two), Alonzo Hoose (14), Levi Murphy (seven), Maddox Lowell (11), Nicholas Tripp (five), Josh Bagnall (three), Grady Geretz (two), Keegan Simms (13) and Landen Weaver (two).

Scorers for Medomak were Landon Morrison (four), Kollin Donlin (10), Landen Starr (eight), Clark Elwell (12), Noah Taggert (four), Andrew Flanders (four) and Liam Feeley (five).

7th boys: Oceanside 69, Medomak 53

Oceanside held quarterly advantages of  16-8, 40-27 and 52-36. 

Scoring for Oceanside were P. Sedgwick (four), Q. Conmeau (six), E. Carlson (nine), C. Galley (seven), R. Robishaw  (12), J. Sedgewick (one), N. Walton (31). 

Scoring for Medomak were Jacoby McDaniel (12), Trent Wallace (two), Colby Simmons (six), Noah Lash (two), Liam Doughty (four), Silas Ripley (17), Miles Luellen (four), Logan Brow (two), Grady Berry (one), Landon Benner (two) and Jaydin Ruiz (two). 

8th girls: Oceanside 48, Medomak 37

Oceanside held a lead of 14-12 after the first quarter before Medomak held a 23-19 advantage at halftime. Oceanside led 36-28 following the third quarter. 

Scoring for Medomak were Paige Gerlack (six), Sidney Nicholls (six), Olivia McMurrin (two), Brooke McNelly (five), Grace Havener (eight), Molly Emerson (four) and Lilly Hills (six). 

Scoring for Oceanside were Charlotte Quinn (six), Grace Mackie (14), Mya Young (two), Abby Stackpole (20) and Abby Reid (six).