letter to the editor

Elect Adam Lachman to the Rockland City Council

Wed, 11/02/2022 - 6:30pm
I am writing to share my support for Adam Lachman's campaign for Rockland City Council and encourage you to vote for him on November 8, 2022.   The past several years have been challenging for our community, and it is now time for us to move forward with new ideas and fresh perspectives that will help us come together, not further divide us.   Adam is a true champion for this community.   He has put himself out there to be available to us, the citizens.  His support of our community includes its citizens, small and large businesses, students in our schools, athletic programs, and the various industry fabrics that make our community unique.  
Adam has put it on the line for us.  He has regularly attended our city council meetings so that he can be educated about our issues while learning about our concerns around these issues.  He is present at our events, our school functions, at our businesses, on the ground.  He talks to people and most importantly, he welcomes conversations.   Remember those?   I do, and I'm very much looking forward to a time when we can return to civility even when opinions differ.  Adam understands the value of being a good listener.  He understands the value of someone needing to be heard, and how far that goes when a human being is feeling unheard.    Adam welcomes an environment of possibility and forward-thinking, solutions, communication,  positivity and transparency.  
Adam recognizes how our youth is struggling.  They are struggling in our schools, they are struggling with drugs in our community and they need strong leadership in our city to set examples of good behavior and role models.    As a small business owner, I want to know that our elected officials are looking at things like commerce, economy, vitality, diversity, housing and green space appropriately and in a way that makes sense for Rockland - not based on wishful thinking or trendy politics.  I want this for my son, and I want this for my neighbors because it is the right thing to do for generations.  
I am voting for Adam Lachman for City Council because I trust him to take these important things to heart and to BE in the community with us, working with us, and working for Rockland.  
Melanie Trott lives in Rockland