Camden area Scouts, others across the state, honor Veterans through 2021 ceremonies, projects

Tue, 11/16/2021 - 5:00pm

One of the primary goals of Scouting is to instill in young people a desire to become participating citizens and foster good citizenship. During Veterans Day, Scouts all over the area were busy working alongside veterans in several projects and events.

Pack 200, led by Jenni Mason, picked up American flags from Camden cemetery for winter as service to the American Legion Post in Camden.
Youth and leaders from Augusta Cub Scout Pack 603 and Troop 603 assisted a Veterans' Seminar held at American Legion Post 205.

Scouts in Jackman and Boothbay took part in US Flag retirement ceremonies on Veterans Day.   

Winslow Scout Troop 433 (Boys), Scout Troop 433 (Girls) and Cub Pack 445 all attended the Waterville Veterans Day Ceremony at Memorial Park on the corner of Park and Elm joining veteran groups and others to honor those who answered the call to duty.  The ceremony had a presentation of the 5 branches of the military as well as the POW flag.

In Farmington, Cub leader Walter Fails said, "Pack 585 and Troop 546 were invited to participate in the American Legion Veteran's Day ceremonies. It was a privilege to be able to help honor our Veterans. Thank you all for what you have done for our country, my family, and I."  

Members of Winthrop - BSA Troop 604 and Girl Scout Troop 141 along with Monmouth BSA Troop and Pack 654 joined Winthrop American Legion Post 40 at the new Winthrop History and Heritage Center for Veterans Day Ceremony.