Knox County deed transfers

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 10:30am

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from Sept. 6-13 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


    David C. Wright and Mary E. McGee to Richard Barber and Mark Renaud.


    Michael J. Salmon and Mary Jo Brink to HHI 48 LLC.

    John J. Brown and Marilyn Hotch to David A. Birch and Ruthann Birch.

    Robert C. Allen and Patricia K. Allen to Michael E.  Pouliotte.

    Julie A. Milliken to Randall Roling.

    Mark S. Bridgeo and Crystal S. Bridgeo to Paul Karoff Tr., Linda Karoff Tr. and 105 Hampton Circle Realty Trust.

    Jan. M. Terry Tr. and Joseph A. Terry Tr. Trust Agreement of David L. Terry to Jan M. Terry Tr., Joseph A. Terry Tr. and DLT Family Trust A.

    Joseph T. McCusker Jr. and Deborah K. McCusker to SFT Camden 8 LLC.


    Samuel H. Olson II to Michael C. Benner and Jennifer M. Benner.


    Tina Louise Merrifield Est. to Robert B. Merrifield.

    Robert E. Cleveland Jr. and Anne M. Cleveland to Robert E. Cleveland Jr. and Anne M. Cleveland Living Trust.

    William E. Marshall and Melissa A. Marshall to Brookside LLC.

    Kent Alan McConnell and Lisa Ann McConnell to Jetmax LLC.

    Isle Au Haut

    Steven L. Shaffer and Catherine H. Gerteis to Joshua J. Applin.

    Owls Head

    Jarod Bray to Huseman Hideaway LLC.


    Howard A. Walen to Ivonne B. Rice.

    Kathryn A. Alex to Sarah E. Catron.

    G Ho LLC to Be Tu T. Phan.

    Paula Mary Coil and Paula M. Coil to Paula M. Coil Trust and Paula M. Coil Living Trust.


    Corso Upton Family Trust 1993 to Michael McGinley and Marsha McGinley.

    St. George

    Everett C. Allen and Sarah D. Allen to Eugene B. Ray.

    Methyl Carlson Est. to Brice Carlson.


    Chris Fox to Paul Edmond Chamberlin and Beth Austin Chamberlin.


    Sonja Sue Burns to Brigitte Gordon and Dino Nappi.

    Susan Guillette to Kevin C. Sawyer and Diana L. Sawyer.

    Lewis Cole Sr. Estate to Lewis M. Cole Jr.

    Lewis M. Cole Jr. to Ronald M. Jackson.

    Craig S. Merrifield to Craig S. Merrifield and Ruth A. Merrifield.

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