Jams for Justice: A Success!

Sun, 07/11/2021 - 4:00pm

The Midcoast Maine Reparations Collective is pleased to report that our recent event, Jams for Justice, was a resounding success. Thanks to everyone who supported and attended the event, we were able to raise $4,655 for Racial Equity and Justice, a vitally important organization dedicated to racial justice education and advocacy based in Bangor.

Thank you to the musicians for generously donating their time; to Mali Obamsawin, citizen of the Abenaki First Nation at Odanak and REJ representative, for performing and speaking; to everyone who attended, donated, and participated in the auction; and to Racial Equity and Justice for all the wonderful and vital work they do.

If you would like to learn more about reparations, or contact the Midcoast Maine Reparations Collective, please visit us at mcmreparations.org.