Build a fish ladder at Camden Harbor, don’t destroy the dam

Mon, 07/05/2021 - 9:30am

Building a fish ladder for alewives at the Camden Harbor Falls is a great idea. Destroying the existing dam and the Harbor Park sea wall is a terrible idea.

For some reason, town officials seem unwilling to pursue the fish ladder proposal, or even talk about it.
At a fraction of the cost, the fish ladder can be built without disturbing the dam or damaging the lovely park and falls that we all appreciate and enjoy.
I encourage the Camden Select Board to drop its massive, destructive, expensive, crazy ideas on this issue.  Wake up, you guys!  Camden voters will never approve the Montgomery Dam and Harbor Park destruction.
Instead the board should propose a simple fish ladder that voters will approve.  Remember, to be effective all the dams up to Lake Megunticook will need to be fish-friendly.  This is a great goal; we owe it to the fish!
If Damariscotta Mills can do it, we can, too!
Let’s do it in a thoughtful, caring and cost-effective way.
Paul Cartwright lives in Camden